S T E V E N    B A L O G H


1954   Steven Balogh was born as István Vilmos Balogh in Hegyhátszentpéter, Hungary, Europe.

1961  He moved to Budapest, Hungary.

1974-76 He served in the Army, at an air-force base in Hungary.

1975  His deep involvement with art started in this year.

1978 He joined the Studio Lajos Vajda in Szentendre, Hungary.

1980  His first one-man show.

1984 Joined the Studio of Young Artists in Budapest, Hungary.

1986  He lived in Vienna, Austria, Europe.

1987 He moved to New York and had resided there ever since.

1991  His daughter Lily Nicole Balogh was born in New York.
              She is a professional dancer. Steven discovered that her used pointe  shoes  make a wonderful medium for thought provoking art.

1995 He became a US citizen and changed his name to Steven Balogh,since then, he signs his works UNDER this        new name.

2015 Member of Queens Council On the Arts New York

2019  Member of RIVAA - Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association, New York

2019  Member of the New York Contemporay Art Center's Arts Review Committee